A herd of elephants grazing on the plains

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I have put in the miles to find some of Africa’s best off-the-beaten-track destinations and developed an intimate knowledge of how each safari matches the needs of different families. Let me and my team craft an adventure that will give you and your family a lifetime of memories.

All I want to know is what you do on the weekends, and what you expect from a safari in Africa so that we can help you experience life in a way that will leave the axis of your world just slightly transformed. What was the last thing that made you, as a family, collectively gasp in excitement? I want to know this so that we can help you discover the wonder of the planet and re-discover one another in a new light.

All our destinations have been personally tested, with our little (and big) ones in tow, and we will design itineraries that give you the rare joy of spending time together in the most unique setting. Ensuring that there are just enough activities lined up so that everyone is entertained but not exhausted, we work with you to tailor a safari to precisely what you need.

Whether it’s wanting to see your family gasp with joy at the sight of a stotting gazelle or take part in a jumping contest with the local Maasai; perhaps it’s something as simple as staying on a bush farm where your kids can collect eggs in the morning, or getting a gaggle of teenagers more interested in the gait of a camel than the latest post on social media, I’ve got you covered

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