Our Multi-Generational Safari to … Ekorian’s Mugie, in Northern Kenya, East Africa

Shoehorn the Grands out of their Comfort Zone and Hoik them out on a Memory-Making Safari with the Whole Fam-Dam … and Remember to Have Fun!

Not only are Grandparents the best people to spend time with as they have so much to give, so many stories to tell, memories to create of a Grandfather teaching a Grandchild how to fish, a Grandmother teaching a grandchild how to make a Pimms for her (is that legal 🤔) … at Ekorian’s Mugie, there’s so much to do 🐘🛶🐫🚶‍♀️🎣⛳ that they may not even tell you how you should bring up your kids … much 😂

Ekorian’s Mugie, the lodge …

Ekorian’s Mugie is an organic 6 tent lodge built from tents and beautiful wood. There are double rooms as well as great family rooms built out of tents upon wooden decks overlooking a sprawling lawn. The family rooms are essentially a double room with a little extra room off to the side which has a couple of single beds for the children, and a wooden ensuite bathroom to share, plus a verandah … making you feel safe and secure with your kids in the same room.

Located on Mugie Ranch, Laikipia in Northern Kenya, a beautiful forty-nine thousand acre ranch, teeming with a large array of scenery, cultural experiences, wildlife & birdlife as well as being a working ranch ….. when would you imagine having this much of Africa, pretty much to yourself?

Ekorian’s Mugie … Activities:

Ekorian, as well as the simple but striking lodge, is an all-around brilliant place to visit with children. At the lodge, there is a large lawn for kids to run around on, a swimming pool, a trampoline, boules and an assortment of great kid-friendly games and activities that keep them out of too much mischief.

The game drives are fascinating, though it’s not just game drives you come to Ekorian for, there are surprise lunches on a deck overlooking a dam with elephants drinking on the other side, surprise bush breakfasts at the end of a camel ride, next to another dam with kayaks waiting patiently to entertain anyone who needs it. These ‘private restaurant’ hides are genius, you can sit on the deck under the shade and either watch the wildlife come down to drink, kayak on the dam, swim, fish …. or sit back and watch the family have the time of their lives with wildlife living their lives all around you.


There is nothing quite like enjoying a sun-filled day out on a dam. The kids can go and race around on the water under the supervision of the Ekorian staff. The adults can join in, or if they prefer to sit and have a nice long lunch whilst the children are having the time of their lives.

Camel Rides

Have you ever ridden a camel? After a surprise bush meal you can choose to be taken back on a camel… which again is a great experience for the children… bloody uncomfortable for the adults, but great fun for all.


This team of tracker dogs helps in the conservation of animals by tracking poachers or other such baddies. Enjoy a walk, whilst these incredible animals demonstrate their training and skills. The team does a great example with the kids, they will take something that belongs to one of the kids and hide it in a bush and the dogs will go find it … kids love it.

Meet the Community

Ekorian is involved with some incredible projects that work towards conservation, health care, and education. For me it really is important that kids get to see how others live. It is so very different and hopefully educational … they will certainly appreciate more of what they have afterwards.


A great activity for the whole family. Take the opportunity to go fishing on one of the dams, early in the morning or the evening. The fish are all put back, and it’s a fun thing for the kids to do and make some great memories.

Met Tala

Tala the giraffe is a friendly presence. She’s hand-reared on Mugie by Margaret (Mama Tala) and is a great addition to the already incredible experience had by all visitors at Ekorian.

The Ekorian Team

They have a fabulous guide, George who is brilliant at looking after kids. If there are not a lot of animals around he is great at keeping them entertained by showing them footprints, feathers and other evidence of animals. Giving them things to do and telling them what to look for, he is a real bonus.

If all that is not enough… they also have an incredible 9 hole golf course. So you can go off one morning early with the kids and play golf.

Ekorian’s Mugie … A Feel Good Safari

I visited Ekorian on this occasion because we took my Dad there for his 81st birthday. I have parents that don’t enjoy super luxury, it makes them feel uncomfortable, but they equally need to be super-comfortable. For us, Ekorian hit the nail on the head … it was just enough of Africa and just enough of comfort.

I definitely recommend visiting Ekorian for at least 3 days. You will all love the animals and there is so much else to offer to keep the whole family entertained.

Top Tips

Tips for ensuring you (& your kids) enjoy your safari

Relax as a parent!!! Have fun with them … drop the harsh rules and let them run free.
Sing loudly.
Let them stand out of the roof hatch.
Play car games.
Play animal spotting cricket (points per animal spotted).
Provide treats.
Let them stay up to see the campfire… take some marshmallows to roast on the fire
Chat lots … find out what they love .. do stuff they want … BTW they generally prefer baboons to leopards!

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