A Typical Day and Night on a Kenyan Safari

What does a typical day and night on a Kenyan Safari look like?

Kenya is a magical land full of impossibly clear, galaxy-studded night skies and endless blue skies during the day, filled with never-ending vistas and teaming with a plethora of wildlife. This breathtaking landscape allows you even more time to spend with the wonders of the natural world that is our daily life in the bush.

Mornings on safari

Mornings on safari start early, you will wake up in your cosy bed, smothered in Egyptian cotton to the glorious sounds of bird calls and animals debating and planning their day ahead. A tray with a steaming pot of tea or coffee will magically appear on your tent verandah, forcing you to drag yourself from your warm bed to go and get ready for your morning game drive in an open 4X4. Mornings are crisp so you will want to snuggle up in a warm fleece-lined shuka throw before heading out to watch the Kenyan savanna, drenched in golden light come awake. From your vehicle you will observe the animals waking up, taking their babies for an early morning walk, finding food for their families and having a drink from the river or watering hole or just a little play with their siblings.

Naboisho Camp-Mara

After countless “wow’s” and “oohs” and a ridiculous amount of photos taken, a surprise bush breakfast will appear in a breathtaking spot, offering you a wide array of fresh fruit, homemade cereal and yoghurt, all organic and locally sourced (normally from the lodge’s own organic kitchen garden) a traditional ‘fry-up’ (all made to order) accompanied with home baked bread and pastries, fresh juice and even more famous Kenyan tea and coffee. After your bush breakfast, you will need to head back to the lodge for a morning of relaxing, maybe spend the rest of the morning by the pool, taking a dip when it gets too hot, or spend time re-connecting with your family and friends over a card game, maybe take a tour of the lodge kitchen’s organic vegetable garden, or read a book… mid-mornings on safari are made for indulging in all those luxuries that we never have time for in our busy and hectic lives.

Before long you’ll find yourself drawn to the mess area, enjoying a sumptuous lunch spread of freshly made salads, home-made pieces of bread, cheeses, quiches or pizza and perfectly cooked meat of the day, accompanied by refreshing drinks to keep you hydrated during the hottest part of the day and followed by a deliciously delightful sweet treat!

Afternoons on Safari

After a well-earned afternoon siesta, an English tea will be waiting for you in the lounge or mess area before you head out to witness even more of what Kenya has to offer. Maybe you will go on a camel ride to take a peak above the long grass or horseback riding to get up close and personal with the local wildlife, maybe you will go kayaking down a river to see elephants drinking at close quarters. Or maybe just a simple guided bush walk, breathing in the fresh undamaged air and witnessing all the small wonders that you miss from a car… or you may be welcomed into a traditional tribal village and see how happy people are, still living in close family units, working together, playing together, herding their cows together without the damage of screens, social media and competitive monied lifestyles.

Sundowners at El Karama

After an inspiring afternoon, it will be time for the traditional Kenyan sundowners, no evening should begin without a G&T in hand as you watch one of Kenya’s unforgettable sunsets whilst discussing all the incredible sights and sounds you have witnessed this day. As the last ray of sunlight dips below the horizon you will head back to your candlelit camp for the night. 

After freshening up and dressing in something warm, you will head back to the mess. Your evening will start around a campfire or fire pit, listening and telling stories until you are presented with a sumptuous three or four-course dinner, which will fully prepare you for another blissful deep night’s sleep. After dinner, you had back to your room, crawl into your toasty bed ready to fall asleep to the sounds of the wild in Kenya’s biggest playground, the never-ending wilderness. Lala Salama (good night)

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